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HTTP Server Response Code Checker

Test htaccess Files & Other Server Settings

This checker gets the server's response code for a URL, this is useful for testing 301 redirects and other server settings which might affect search engine indexing.

To get the HTTP response, enter the URL of the page:

Why Test The Server's Response Code?

Checking the server response code is mainly a diagnostic tool in case you are getting unexpected results when trying to view a page or if the search engine spiders don't seem to be indexing a page as expected. The response code is sent by your server before the page contents and the search engine spiders use it to determine if a URL should be spidered.

For example, a user had a misconfigured server which was showing his site fine but the server was returning a missing page code (404) so none of the search engines would index his site. After his host fixed the server to return the correct response (200) his site got back into Google.

HTTP Responses & Redirects Resources

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