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META Keyword Generator FAQ

Here we try to answer frequently asked questions about search engine keywords and the META Keyword tag.

Isn't The META Keyword Tag Dead?

No. The Yahoo search engine and Inktomi use the keyword tag.

Here is what Yahoo writes about META keyword tags:

Use a "keyword" meta-tag to list key words for the document. Use a distinct list of keywords that relate to the specific page on your site instead of using one broad set of keywords for every page. [1]

Inktomi writes this about META keyword tags:

... as a rule of thumb, if you're putting things in the Keywords line that aren't in the rest of the page, you're probably putting too much in. [2]

META Keywords For Inktomi

Inktomi wants keywords which are also used on the page, this is the main reason we wrote the keywords density calculator and META tag creator. It's a simple matter to pick keyword phrases from the density report & use them to generate a keyword tag, this way your page doesn't appear to be spam or using "keyword stuffing".

How To Select Good Keywords: Keyword Selection Resources

Using the right keywords is the cornerstone of successful SEO. iBusinessPromotor (IBP) has a keyword optimizer to help you find the best keywords for organic SEO and AdWords ads. Learn more about IBP and try IBP for free.

Word Tracker compiles a database of terms that people search for. You enter some keywords, and we tell you how often people search for them, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords. Learn more about Word Tracker and try Word Tracker for free.

Word Tracker has also published a free Keyword Research Guide which will help you find new profitable keywords. They created a fictional company and asked experts to provide real answers to the problems facing its CEO. The result is an e-book[pdf] packed with insight, tips, and techniques on keyword research that you can apply easily to your own website. Download the Free Keyword Research eBook

Should Keywords Be Separated By Commas? Spaces?

The correct format for keywords is <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="keyword phrase 1,keyword phrase 2,keyword phrase 3">. Having a space and comma between phrases probably doesn't matter but it doesn't meet the W3C standard. [3]

What Is A Good Keyword Density For Search Engine "XX"?

The best and most up-to-date method is to download IBP's top-rated Top 10 Optimizer , this will compare your page to the top 10 ranked pages for Google and Yahoo! IBP then tells you in plain English and in great detail what you have to do to get a top 10 ranking for your specific keyword in the search engine you've chosen. The trial download is free.

The META Keyword Generator Helped Me, How Can I Say "Thanks"?

A free and easy way to say "Thank You" is to Thank Us With A Link

Keywords FAQ References

[2] 3rd question.
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