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How Link Popularity Can Help Your Rankings (Page 1)

Part 1: What exactly is link popularity?

Part 2: Not all links are considered equal

  • try to get links from important Web sites
  • try to get link texts that contain your important keywords
  • don't use FFA or link farm pages
  • don't use services that promise lots of links within days
  • focus on quality links, not on quantity

Part 3: How to find good potential link partners

But how do you find good potential links partners? There are several ways:
  1. Search the most important search engines for your most important keywords.

    Among the search results, you'll usually find Web sites that don't compete directly with your site. These Web sites are very good potential link partners.

    They have a good listing on search engines under your important keywords. This means that they get a good amount of traffic from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

    If such a site links to you, you'll get high quality targeted traffic from them. In addition, their link to your site also increases your link popularity and your search engine rankings.

  2. Find out who links to your competitors.

    Web sites that link to your competitors are probably Web sites that should link to you. If a Web site links to one of your competitor sites, it's a strong hint that it could be a very good link partner to you.

    First, the webmaster of that site has shown that s/he is willing to link to other sites. Second, those Web sites are often related to what you have to offer. You'll get targeted traffic from them while increasing your search engine ranking.

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