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Higher Google Rankings Using A Trick

Short Term Google Boosting Trick May Cause Ban

Originally Published: September 27, 2005

How does the trick work?

  • A webmaster links directly to a search request page on a reputable web site.
  • The link code contains information that causes the search script on the reputable web site to include a link to the web site of the webmaster.
  • When search engine spiders (including Google's spider) index the linked search results page, they find a link from an authority web site to the webmaster's site.
  • As a high authority web site links to the web site of the webmaster, his web site gets higher rankings on Google. modelcode=Important keyword </title></head> <body><h1>Your important keyword here</h1> <a href=http%3A//> chosen keyword for seo purposes </a></body></html>

Is this the fast track to high Google rankings?

Are there safer ways to get high Google rankings?

Editor's Note: See also: Google Trick: How To Get Links From High PageRank Sites

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